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Our Boutique

Mi Jardín, Troncones has a space open to the public with a gift and handicraft shop where we expose and sell Decorative Rugs, Oaxacan Sheets, Decorative Lamps, and a variety of beautiful pieces that will give to your Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathrooms and Outdoors a pleasant touch.


Some of our Pieces

All of our crafts are made by various Mexican Artisans, including Serigraphy by the Artist Artemio Rodriguez.

Visit our Boutique in Troncones and you'll find something special.


More about Artemio Rodríguez

Self-taught artist who adopted the engraving technique, his greatest inspirations are classical European engravers and José Guadalupe Posada, in his more than ten years of experience as an artist, has exhibited in Mexico, the United States and Costa Rica.


Artemio Rodríguez

Mythology, surrealism and Mexican manners are some of the themes that the engraver Artemio Rodríguez captures in his work, which has earned him recognition in the field of plastic arts in our country and the rest of the world.


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