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Our Specialties

Our changing menu is created in accordance with the seasons because our culinary art naturally begins with the selection of the very best local organic fresh ingredients.

While we'll always be serving our wood-oven baked pizzas, breads and pastas we pride ourselves on bringing as much variety into our offerings as possible. So please come sample what's available, you're sure to be pleased with how we spice up your life.


Wood-oven baked Pizzas

Traditional Wood-Oven Pizzas made with fresh ingredients.

Mi jardin WEB-064.jpg

Shrimp Flambeed

Fresh Shrimps flambeed with Tequila, served with Ginger, Lemongrass & Green Tomato Sauce.

Day's catch


Fresh fish of the day's catch, Provenzal Style with White Wine Chimichurri.

Mi jardin WEB-076.jpg

Seafood Casserole

Scallops, Shrimp and Dorado cooked in White Wine and Cream. Served with a mixed Salad.

Mi jardin WEB-089.jpg
Mi jardin WEB-145.jpg

Chocolate Mousse

Dark chocolate and espresso add the slightly bitter notes needed to balance this delicious dessert

Mi jardin WEB-096.jpg

Organic Salad from our Garden

Fresh Salad with organic ingredients from our garden.

Served with Goat Cheese.

Virtual tour by our restaurant

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